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4 Common questions about E- signatures in marina management software

Our currently developing fast-paced and virtual business landscape is increasingly moving from paper to the safety of the screens and mobile devices. As a result, we need to be able to streamline the signing process for complex deals with custom signing options remotely. Electronic signatures must be integrated in our marina management software. Electronic signatures […]

Cloud software and mobile feature keeps our marinas safe during COVID-19

Your marina is closed but that does not mean that you cannot use this time to work safely. Operating a marina is already tough. It is even more challenging when you can’t physically be on site. Safety is the most important thing during COVID-19 and a marina management software in the cloud and mobile feature […]

Why marina management software leads to amazing results

Is your marina management software really that good? There is a huge difference between great and poor marina management. Poor marina management has very little organization. Staff members are too busy reacting to the day-to-day challenges to properly focus on customer satisfaction or accurate reporting. On the other hand, great management has everything in place. […]

Accuracy, speed, and it looks great too! An interactive map is what you need.

Maps are great! We love integrating them here at SmartMarinaPlus and above all its one of the reasons we focus strongly on creating functional and visually engaging maps. But what is the importance of having a map of your marina? Have you ever tried to find information on a unit and became frustrated after scrolling […]