4 Common questions about E- signatures in marina management software

Our currently developing fast-paced and virtual business landscape is increasingly moving from paper to the safety of the screens and mobile devices. As a result, we need to be able to streamline the signing process for complex deals with custom signing options remotely. Electronic signatures must be integrated in our marina management software. Electronic signatures are an amazing upgrade from traditional paper signatures. Above all, it gives us the flexibility, safety, and security we require.

Electronic Signature for cloud marina software based on Salesforce Sales Service

What’s an e-signature?

An electronic signature is a signature that helps to sign any digital paperless document. The main purpose of e-signature is to identify you as the correct signer of a document. For example, think of signing a paper contract but instead you are signing digitally.

How are e-signatures legally binding?

Electronic signatures are signed and agreed upon with the same intent as in traditional paper contracts. Therefore, they are just as valid and enforceable as a traditional manual signature. In most countries, electronic signatures are legal. Hence, this gives you the confidence to continue or expand your business internationally. 

How affordable is it?

Electronic signatures should be affordable. We understand the need for affordable technology solutions as we transition in this changing economy. That is why we have developed an e-signature add-on in our CRM Marina software! Besides, electronic signatures are more cost-effective than the traditional pen and paper method. This current global economy is placing a huge strain on our financial resources. As a result, your cloud marina software with e-signatures should save you money on paper, postage, mailing supplies, and time. 

How can it help my business?

Firstly, it helps saves time and time is money. No more printing, sending, archiving, finding, or losing important documents. No more printer problems, ink shortages, stacks of papers, or limitless folders. You and your resources must focus on marina management.

Secondly, the rise in virtual meetings and social distancing has made us even more reliant on the internet. The great thing about e-signature is that you can use it anywhere. You only need an internet connection and allows even the busiest entrepreneurs the flexibility to sign anywhere, anytime. Lastly, electronic signature features built into marina management software allows you and your team the safety and security to conduct business right from your own home.

Our e-signature Solution

In conclusion, take this time to see the benefits a cloud marina management software has with e-signature features. If you would like to know more about the best marina management software and how electronic signatures can help your business, check out www.smartmarinaplus.com

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