Why Salesforce and marina management are a perfect combination?

Managing a marina is expensive, and it can be difficult to provide all the essentials services to customers in a simple and efficient way, while ensuring the best possible experience for your customers and staff.

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM (customer relationship management) solution which powerfully connects businesses and their customers together. That’s why SmartMarinaPlus is 100% based in the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce can help with that!

  1. Easy to use
    Salesforce is built to be user-friendly. This is essential for all marinas looking to easily manage reservations, update payment methods and insurance policies. All types of services including slip rental, vessel maintenance and utility services are easily accessible, creating a stress-free experience.
  2. Cloud-Based
    Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software. Cloud-based infrastructure is crucial our modern and dynamic marina industry, in order to increase scalability and efficiency. No need to work  manually updating your software! You can  work from anywhere while your application is on the cloud.
  3. Fully Customizable
    Flexibility is key for the success of any business. Each marina has its own unique set of challenges. You need a marina software solution, is built to help you maximize your revenue and improve your customers’ experience. Whether you need simple reservation options, or complex reporting features, we can customize your needs on the SmartMarina Plus platform.

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